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July 12, 2018


11:00 am - 03:00 pm @

Lagos Beat Fair 2018 is a showcase of the best Music Production talents in Lagos Nigeria. The first ever Lagos Beat Fair will assemble the most talented beat makers in Lagos in front of a vibrant music-buying audience. EMT Recordings in collaboration with Tenstrings Lekki Urban Center is creating an unusual platform for exceptionally talented music producers to be heard and connect with serious buyers and users of music in Nigeria’s entertainment capital – Lagos. The event will be bringing together music makers and music buyers in an interactive forum where producers/music makers can showcase their work in front of an audience of prospective buyers. 20 producers will be shortlisted for the event after submitting samples of their work when they register. If you are a very talented music maker but yet to be discovered and rewarded for your creativity, your time to shine has arrived!

Lagos BeatFair2018 offers an adventure into the vast openness of Nigeria’s emerging sounds and an opportunity to explore Africa’s most creative audio landscape.

We are taking record producers from their comfort zone (the studio) to engage with the market (music buyers and the media). We intend to expand the frontiers of the producer-artist or maker-user relationship in the music industry by creating a robust platform for them to connect and do business. As an artist, BeatFair2018 will save you the stress and costs of shopping around for quality music makers, as we will be showcasing to you the very best of talents short-listed from hundreds of submissions. These pool of talents we present to you are loaded with fresh ideas, authentic sounds and are ready to break even into the market. They’re all yours to grab at the exhibition.

Are you a talented music maker who feels you are under-patronised or under-rewarded for your creativity? This is the opportunity that will bridge the gap. If you’re shortlisted for the fair, you would be showcasing your beats in front of a very vibrant audience who are prepared to buy your music, and major media partners who will be showcasing your work and story in the News during and after the event.

The Lagos BeatFair2018 will hold at Tenstrings Music Institute, Lekki Urban Center, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos, on the 12th of July 2018 from 11.00am to 3.00pm.

You can register to participate under any of the following categories:

1. As a music maker to exhibit your music
2. As a business or brand to apply for a an exhibition stand
3. As an artist, record company or music user coming to explore and connect with music makers
4. As a Media/Press Representative

Visit www.emtrecordings.com/beatfair2018 to register now.