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Single-Course Programs

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Single-Course Programs

At Tenstrings Music Institute, we offer three and six-month single-course programs for both adults and kids. These programs cover a wide range of musical instruments and other creative fields. Here is an overview of the courses available:

1. Musical Instruments:
We provide training in various musical instruments, including Piano, Guitar (Rhythm or Bass), Saxophone, Violin, and Drums. You can choose any instrument you’re interested in learning. The minimum duration for these courses is three months, but you can also opt for a six-month program to delve deeper into your chosen instrument.

Note: Learning piano and guitar simultaneously, or combining one of them with voice training, costs N300,000.00 for a three-month program.

2. Voice Training:
Our voice training program is designed for singers who want to develop a professional and excellent singing voice. We focus on helping you discover and maximize your unique vocal abilities. The program covers various music genres and styles, and our experienced instructors utilize world-class training tools to enhance your vocal skills.

3. Other Courses under Single-Course Programs:
Apart from musical instruments and voice training, we also offer the following courses:

– Music Business
– Dance
– DJ Academy
– Video Editing
– Kids Music Lessons

Lesson Days and Times:
Lessons are conducted twice weekly, with options available for both weekdays and weekends.

Tuition Fees:
– Three months: N180, 000.00
– Six months: N300,000.00

International Students:

– Three months: $500
– Six months: $900

Campuses: The single-course program is available in  all our campuses


Please note that we do not accept cash payments at any of our centers. All payments must be made through bank transfers or POS machines to our official accounts. Any cash payments made to anyone at Tenstrings will be considered invalid and fraudulent.