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Gospel Music Program

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Gospel Music Program

Introducing our Gospel Music Course

Gospel music is a powerful and influential genre that touches the lives of billions of people worldwide. However, success in this field requires the right skills and knowledge. At our institute, we have designed a comprehensive training program specifically for aspiring gospel artists, music ministers, and choristers. We aim to empower you with the necessary tools to excel in the gospel music industry while upholding a standard of excellence.

Program Options:

We offer several program durations to cater to different time and resource availability:

1. Two Weeks Crashed Course
2. Three Month Course
3. Six Month Course
4. One Year Course
5. 18 Month Advance Diploma Course

Each course duration provides different levels and depths of learning, allowing you to choose the program that suits your goals and schedule.

Course Contents:

In addition to voice training and learning up to three musical instruments, our Gospel Music Course also offers professional courses in Music Production, Live Sound Engineering, Mixing and Mastering, Dance, and more. Two key courses that cut across all programs are the Gospel Music Ministry and Gospel Music Business courses.

– The Gospel Music Ministry Course focuses on grooming you to become an efficient worship leader, covering technical and spiritual aspects of gospel music ministration, worship and praise leading, and community worship experience.

– The Gospel Music Business Course is designed for gospel artists and ministers aspiring to build a lifelong career in music. This course covers essential aspects of music publishing, marketing, promoting, distribution, investments, and career management within the gospel music industry. We will address all your questions about turning your passion into profit.

Fees and Classes:

For the 18 Month Advance Diploma Gospel Music Course:
– Local Students: N1,800,000 per student
– International Students: 4000 USD
– Classes: 16 hours of lessons weekly (weekdays or weekends)

For the One Year Gospel Music Diploma:
– Local Students: N537,000 per student
– International Students: 2000 USD
– Classes: 12 hours of lessons weekly (weekdays or weekends)

For the Six Month Gospel Music Program:
– Local Students: N350,000 per student
– International Students: 1000 USD
– Classes: 10 hours of lessons weekly (weekdays or weekends)

For the 3-Month Gospel Music Program:
– Local Students: N180,000 per student
– International Students: 500 USD
– Classes: 6 hours of lessons weekly (weekdays or weekends)

For the 2 Week Gospel Music Crashed Course:
– Local Students: N160,000 per student
– International Students: 240 USD
– Classes: 12 hours of lessons weekly

For the 3 Month Church Choir Course:
– Course Contents: Voice Training, Part/Harmony Singing, The Worship Leader Course, Music Ministry Course, Instrument Maintenance, Choir Management and Leadership, Live Sound Engineering.
– Classes: 4 hours of lessons weekly (weekdays or weekends)
– Fees: N75,000 per person (for a choir of 15 members and above)

Other Important Details:

– Accommodation is available for students; please call 08067024255 for arrangements.
– The Gospel Music Program is held exclusively at our Agege Campus and Lekki/Ajah Campuses.
– Classes can be arranged for church choirs at their venues.
– Registration forms for courses lasting 6 months and below cost N5,000, while courses lasting one year and above cost N10,000.

Join us at our institute and embark on a journey of musical growth and spiritual enrichment through our Gospel Music Course. Let us equip you with the skills and knowledge to make a lasting impact in the gospel music industry.