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Advance Diploma in Music Production

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Advance Diploma in Music Production

Course Description:

The Advance Music Production Diploma program at Tenstrings Music Institute is designed for aspiring record producers who dream of becoming top-notch and world-class professionals in the music industry. This program focuses on developing your skills in live recording and the use of renowned Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) for production, mixing, and mastering. You will be mentored by some of Nigeria’s finest music producers who serve as in-house instructors, as well as visiting established producers.

During your one-year program at Tenstrings, you will receive comprehensive training and hands-on experience in record production. Additionally, you will undergo a three-month internship at one of Lagos’ busiest recording companies, where you will further expand your knowledge and skills in state-of-the-art music and audio technology facilities, under the mentorship of in-house international record producers and mix engineers.

Upon completion of the program, you also have the option to further your education by applying to your chosen university for direct entry into the second year of any Music Production undergraduate program. This provides a seamless pathway for those aspiring to pursue higher education while already possessing a strong foundation in record production.

Course Modules:

1. Learning of Three Musical Instruments: In this module, you will receive training in three musical instruments of your choice. This helps broaden your musical knowledge and enhances your overall understanding of music production.

2. Rudiments of Music: This module covers the fundamental elements of music theory, including notation, scales, chords, rhythm, and ear training. A solid understanding of music theory is crucial for effective record production.

3. Music Business: This module provides insights into the music industry’s business aspects, including copyright, contracts, licensing, marketing, and promotion. You will gain an understanding of the industry’s commercial side and learn how to navigate it successfully.

4. Learning of Various D.A.Ws to Advanced Level: This module focuses on mastering the operation and advanced features of popular Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) used in the industry. You will receive training in the following D.A.Ws:
a. Apple Logic Pro
b. Avid Pro Tools
c. Ableton Live
d. Steinberg Cubase
e. Steinberg Nuendo
f. Propellerhead Reason
g. Image-Line FL Studio

5. Mixing and Mastering: This module delves into the art of mixing and mastering, teaching you techniques for achieving professional-quality recordings. You will learn how to balance and enhance audio tracks, apply effects, and create polished final mixes.

6. Live Sound Engineering & Sound Reinforcement: This module focuses on live sound engineering techniques, including setting up sound systems, operating mixing consoles, and providing optimal sound reinforcement for live performances.

7. Mentoring Sessions with Established Producer: This module offers exclusive mentoring sessions with renowned producers. You will have the opportunity to learn from their experiences, gain insights, and receive guidance to refine your skills and approaches in record production.

8. Three-Month Internship with a Leading Recording Studio: In this module, you will undergo a valuable three-month internship at one of Nigeria’s best recording studios. This hands-on experience will further enhance your practical skills and expose you to real-world recording projects under the guidance of in-house international record producers and mix engineers.

9. Talent Management & Promotion by Tenstrings Management: As part of this program, you will receive talent management and promotion support from Tenstrings Records and Tours company. This includes guidance on building your career, networking opportunities, and exposure to industry professionals.

Training Materials Given Free: You will receive all the necessary training materials, including books and software, to support your learning journey.

Course Details:

Duration:  18 Months

– Local Students: One Million Eight Hundred Thousand Naira (N1,800,000), payable in two installments, with a minimum initial deposit of 70% of the fee.
– International Students: Four Thousand US Dollars ($4000)

Available Sessions: Morning, Evening, and Weekends

Available Campuses: Agege, Lekki/Ajah, and Abuja campuses

Entry Requirements: Minimum of 5 O’Level credits, including Maths and English.


[Please note that cash payments are unacceptable in all Tenstrings campuses. All payments must be made through bank transfers or POS payments to Tenstrings’ official accounts provided. Any cash payments made to anyone at Tenstrings shall be considered completely invalid and fraudulent.]