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Diploma in Music Performance

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Diploma in Music Performance

Course Description:

Our One-Year Music Performance Diploma, also known as the Music Artist Training Program, is a one-year diploma program designed to help aspiring musicians develop a versatile skill set in music performance. This program aims to equip you with the ability to play up to two musical instruments, sing excellently, dance, compose your own music, and even edit music videos. It provides comprehensive training to groom you for a successful future in the music industry.

Course Modules:

1. Learning of Two Different Musical Instruments: In this module, you will receive training in two different musical instruments of your choice. The institute offers a wide range of instrument options to cater to your musical preferences and goals.

2. Voice Training & Professional Singing Program: This module focuses on developing your vocal abilities, including techniques for breath control, pitch accuracy, tone production, vocal range expansion, and overall vocal performance. You will receive professional singing training to enhance your singing skills.

3. Music Business Studies and Entertainment Industry Expo: This module provides insights into the music business, including marketing, promotion, contracts, copyright, and intellectual property. You will also have the opportunity to participate in industry expos and gain exposure to professionals in the entertainment industry.

4. Theory of Music: This module covers the fundamental elements of music theory, including notation, scales, chords, rhythm, and ear training. A solid understanding of music theory is essential for any aspiring musician.

5. Artistes Development and Career Guidance: This module focuses on developing your overall artistry and career-building skills. You will receive guidance on developing your unique musical identity, stage presence, branding, and marketing strategies.

6. Songwriting: This module explores the art of songwriting, covering topics such as melody, lyrics, song structure, and arrangement. You will have the opportunity to develop your songwriting skills and create original compositions.

7. Music Video Editing: This module provides training in music video editing techniques. You will learn how to edit and enhance music videos using industry-standard software and tools.

8. Dance: This module introduces you to various dance styles and techniques that are relevant to music performance. It helps enhance your stage presence, body movement, coordination, and overall performance skills.

Course Details:

Admission Requirement: At least 4 O’level credits (English is Compulsory).
Lecture Holds: Four days a week.
Sessions: Morning, evening, and weekend sessions are available.


Local Students: Five Hundred and Thirty Seven Thousand Naira (N537, 000) – Payable in two installments – 70% of the fee being the minimum initial deposit.

International Students: Two Thousand US Dollars ($2000)

Available in the following Campuses: Lekki/Ajah, Festac Town, Ikeja and Abuja
NB: Payment must be made in full before the commencement of lectures.



[Please note that cash payments are unacceptable in all Tenstrings campuses. All payments must be made through bank transfers or POS terminals into the Tenstrings’ official bank accounts provided. Any cash payments made to anyone at Tenstrings shall be considered completely invalid and fraudulent.]