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Rock School Exams in Nigeria


Congratulations to all music professionals in Nigeria!

Now you can take your Rockschool (RSL) Exams in Nigeria at Tenstrings Music Institute!

Rockschool is the world’s first and largest performing arts examiners and qualification provider. They pride themselves on delivering the most academically rigorous and industry relevant qualifications, designed to support all aspiring musicians, performers, educators and teaching establishments – wherever they may be.

Rockschool currently delivers exams in over 40 countries worldwide, across 6 different continents. In 2018, RSL proudly received the Queens Award for Enterprise in International Trade. Widely regarded as the most prestigious business awards in the country, the award celebrates the UK’s businesses for outstanding achievement, with 2018 marking the 52nd anniversary of the scheme.

Whether you are a performing musician or a student seeking admission into a higher institution, you will always find Rockschool grades and qualifications very useful somewhere along your music career journey. You should plan to register against the next exam date.

There are three categories of Rockschool Exams that you can take in Nigeria at Tenstrings:

  1. Graded Music Exams (these musical instrument exams from Premier to Grade 8, instruments covered include; Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass, Drums, Vocals, Piano & Keyboard, Ukulele)
  2. Music Theory Exams (from Debut to Grade 8)
  3. Music Production Exams (from Grade 1 to Grade 8)

See Nigeria’s page on Rock School website for the different exams and their prices: https://www.rslawards.com/country/nigeria/  (information also available below)


Steps to taking the Exams:

  1. Choose your exam Type and Level (Graded Exams, Theory or Music Production)
  2. Register Here online (see form below)
  3. Pay your exam fees (see fees details below)
  4. Purchase your exam materials (Exam Handbook & Past Questions are available online at: https://cloud.rslawards.com/shop)
  5. Start Preparing (join prep classes at Tenstrings or prepare on your own)
  6. Find out your exam date, time and venue and show up on exam date promptly.

*Please Note that it is compulsory for candidates to purchase the handbook for the specific exam(s) they are writing.

For more information please contact us: rockschool@tenstrings.org or call +2348067024255.

Please Note: effective from August 2018 admission, it will be compulsory for all students of Tenstrings enrolled for 6 Months and above courses to take a Rockschool exam (theory, instruments or production) after completing every 6 month in their programs. This implies that those running 6 month courses will be required to take at least one exam; those running one year programs at least two exams; those running 18 month courses, at least three exams. Without this, they will not be issued a Tenstrings Certificate at the completion of their programs.

Music Theory Exam Fees

Debut 10000 NGN
Grade 1 11000 NGN
Grade 2 12000 NGN
Grade 3 13000 NGN
Grade 4 14000 NGN
Grade 5 15000 NGN
Grade 6 17000 NGN
Grade 7 18000 NGN
Grade 8 20000 NGN



Instruments and Music Production Exam Fees

Premier 13000 NGN
Debut 17000 NGN
Grade 1 19000 NGN
Grade 2 21000 NGN
Grade 3 23000 NGN
Grade 4 25000 NGN
Grade 5 28000 NGN
Grade 6 32000 NGN
Grade 7 34000 NGN
Grade 8 38000 NGN

Please pay your Rockschool Exam Fees into our Polaris Bank Account:
Account Name: Tenstrings Music Institute Limited:
Account Number: 4090588410


More Information About Rockschool Exams

UCAS Ppoints

For those hoping to process an admission into a university to study music related courses, Rockschool offers you a leverage.

Which Rockschool Exams carry UCAS Points?

Rockschool’s Electric GuitarAcoustic GuitarBassDrumsVocalsPiano & KeyboardMusic Theory and Music Production Grades 6, 7 & 8 all have UCAS points.

Grade Exam

See the table below for the UCAS points awarded for a given Grade Exam grade and mark:

Grade Pass Merit Distinction
Grade 6 6 points 10 points 12 points
Grade 7 12 points 14 points 16 points
Grade 8 18 points 24 points 30 points

Where a candidate has taken more than one exam in one instrument, they can only put forward the exam which gave them the highest number of points. However, where points are awarded for graded exams in different instruments, these can be accumulated, but it would be the decision of the university or college whether or not they choose to accept both sets of points.

Music Theory

See the table below for the UCAS points awarded for a given Music Theory grade and mark:

Grade Pass Merit Distinction
Grade 6 4 points 5 points 6 points
Grade 7 6 points 7 points 8 points
Grade 8 8 points 9 points 10 points

Register NOW at: www.tenstrings.org/rockschool

Get more details by calling the manager of the exams:

Mrs. Ezinne Ewubor

Tel: 08122765631 or 08099514777

Email: rockschool@tenstrings.org; ezinne.e@tenstrings.org


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