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Advance Diploma in Music Performance

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Advance Diploma in Music Performance

Course Description:

The Music Performance program at Tenstrings Music Institute is a comprehensive training program designed for individuals who are passionate about pursuing a career in music performance. This program focuses on developing your skills in both vocal performance and instrumental proficiency. Throughout the program, you will receive rigorous training in voice and learn at least two musical instruments to an advanced level.

The primary objective of this program is to groom you for a successful launch into the music industry. Beyond advanced training, Tenstrings Music Institute goes a step further by assigning seasoned talent managers from Tenstrings Records and Tours Company to mentor, guide, and provide professional support throughout your journey. This personalized attention and industry expertise will greatly enhance your chances of building a successful career in music.

Additionally, upon completion of the program, you have the option to further your education by applying to our partner universities for direct entry into the second year of any Music Performance undergraduate program. This provides a seamless pathway for those aspiring to pursue higher education while already possessing a strong foundation in music performance.

Course Module:

1. Learning of Four Musical Instruments: In this module, you will receive comprehensive training in four musical instruments of your choice. The institute offers a wide range of instrument options to cater to your musical preferences and goals.

2. Voice Training: This module focuses on developing your vocal abilities, including techniques for breath control, pitch accuracy, tone production, vocal range expansion, and overall vocal performance.

3. Rudiments of Music: This module covers the fundamental elements of music theory, including notation, scales, chords, rhythm, harmony, and ear training. A solid understanding of music theory is essential for any aspiring musician.

4. Dance: This module introduces you to various dance styles and techniques that are relevant to music performance. It helps enhance your stage presence, body movement, coordination, and overall performance skills.

5. Music Business Studies and Entertainment Industry Expo: This module provides insights into the music business, including marketing, promotion, contracts, copyright, and intellectual property. You will also have the opportunity to participate in industry expos and gain exposure to professionals in the entertainment industry.

6. Artists Development and Career Guidance: This module focuses on developing your overall artistry and career-building skills. You will receive guidance on developing your unique musical identity, stage presence, branding, and marketing strategies.

7. Music Video Editing or The D.J Academy: In this module, you can choose between two options based on your interests and career goals. The Music Video Editing option provides training in video editing techniques specific to music videos, while The D.J Academy option focuses on developing your skills as a disc jockey.

8. Mentoring Sessions with Successful Artists: This module offers exclusive mentoring sessions with established artists who will share their experiences, insights, and advice to help you navigate the music industry successfully.

9. Songwriting: This module explores the art of songwriting, covering topics such as melody, lyrics, song structure, and arrangement. You will have the opportunity to develop your songwriting skills and create original compositions.

10. Working with Tenstrings Artist Management Program: This module provides practical experience by working with Tenstrings Records and Tours Ltd. You will gain firsthand exposure to the artist management process, including artist development, promotion, and bookings.

11.  Training Materials Given Free (Books & DVDs): As part of the program, you will receive all the necessary training materials, including books and DVDs, to support your learning journey.

This comprehensive course module ensures that you receive a well-rounded education in music performance, equipping you with the skills, knowledge, and industry insights needed for a successful career in the music industry.

Course Details:

Duration: 18 Months


– Local Students: One Million Eight Hundred Thousand Naira (N1,800,000) payable in two installments, with a minimum initial deposit of 70% of the fee.

– International Students: Four Thousand US Dollars ($4000)

Available Sessions: Morning, Evening, and Weekends

Entry Requirements: Minimum of 5 O’Level credits, including Maths and English.

Course Availability:  Agege, Lekki/Ajah, Ikeja, and Abuja campuses



[Please note that cash payments are unacceptable in all Tenstrings campuses. All payments must be made through bank transfers or POS terminals into Tenstrings’ official accounts provided. Any cash payments made to anyone at Tenstrings shall be considered completely invalid and fraudulent.]