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Bachelor’s Degree in Music

We are proud to let you know that upon your completion of our Advance Diploma in Performance or Advance Diploma in Production program, we are able to help you secure and facilitate an admission with any of our partner schools in the UK and the US to pursue a full…

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Advance Diploma in Music Performance

This is a comprehensive training program for those interested in pursuing a career in Music Performance. Under this program, you get your voice trained and learn at least two musical instruments to advance level. The program focuses on grooming you for a successful launch into the music industry.  The program…

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Advance Diploma in Music Production

Has it been your dream to become a topnotch and world-class record producer, who is versatile in live recording and  use of world-renowned D.A.Ws for Production, Mixing and Mastering? Then, this is where your dream comes through! You will be groomed by some of Nigeria’s finest music producers as in-house…

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Diploma in Music Performance

Do you dream of becoming a professional music artiste who can play up to two musical instruments, sing excellently, dance and compose your own music, and even edit music videos? Then, this is the recommended program for you. This one year diploma program is designed to groom you for an…

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Diploma in Audio Tech

The one year Audio Tech & Music Production Diploma equips you with the essential skills to become a professional record producer and Live Sound Reinforcement Engineer. It empowers you to become a sound engineer both in hardware and software operations: for the digital and analogue studios, as well as for…

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Music Production (6 Months)

The six month Music Production Course meets the needs of those students who strictly want to major in music production, and are not so interested in the live sound engineering aspect. The training in the first three months covers music rudiments, practical keyboard (piano) and music business, while the last…

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Music Performance (6 Months)

This is the professional training program that prepares the music artiste for success as he or she launches into the music industry as a performer – as an instrumentalist or a singer. The objective is to build music artistes that will be very competent in all ramifications of the artistic…

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Single-Course Programs

We have three and six month single-course programs in Piano, Guitar, Saxophone, Violin, Drums, Voice Training, D.J Academy, Songwriting, Music Business and Video Editing, for both adults and kids. Under this program you can learn to play any musical instrument of your choice for as long as six months. However,…

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Gospel Music Program

Gospel Music Course Gospel Music is one of the most influential and most successful genres of music in today’s world. It inspires and impacts the lives of billions of people positively every day within and outside of the Church. However, this is not a guarantee that anyone who ventures into…

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