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Voice Training Class with Mr. Femi Ogunrombi

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Voice Training Class
Singing Vowels and Consonants Correctly
Mr. Femi Ogunrombi
April 2, 2020


Lesson Introduction

In my lesson, I reiterated that without proper vowels, that is clear pronunciations, it will be difficult for listeners to articulate what is being sung. Proper Consonance helps to alleviate words understanding. Tone applied to words, I will say. Vowels are formed by the shape of a combination of the vocal parts. This include the tongue, lips and nose. 

Traditional vowels: a e é i o ó u. 
Western vowels: a e i o u.

Traditional vowels é and ó have their dots under. Those marks are accents.

Consonance: The Book “You’ve Got Music” describes Consonance as, ” good diction requires the crisp, clear pronunciations of consonants, without which the audience would be incapable of understanding a word you are singing” this is the reason I said Consonance is like the tone of words. 

In conclusion, tonal exercises are to be carried out, best with your piano or the piano in your phone. 
The more you practice tonal exercises using different vowels the richer you’ll become in tone production. Thanks.


Record a video of yourself of not more than 60secs. Practising Tonal exercises. Remember, you’ll be graded.

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