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Tenstrings Opens UK Campus

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Africa Heritage Academy UK, in partnership with the African Diaspora and international partners based in the UK, in the County of Suffolk, is set to open the first African Heritage inspired STEMA College Institute.

The Africa Heritage Academy Campus was inspired by the success of Tenstrings Music Institute in Nigeria. The Nigerian Institute transformed traditional Music Courses from usual classically-oriented music education into lessons which African Students could relate to, enjoy and succeed in without dropping the course prematurely due to lack of passion and relation to the subject.

The main Partner, Tenstrings Music Institute already had existing UK partnerships with some universities and UK qualification authorities, to provide learners a wide range of Certificates, Diplomas and Degrees in music. These existing partnerships allows for the new Africa Heritage Academy College campus ready to offer short and taster courses and virtual lessons for the next 10 months prior to the official September 2021/22 LAUNCH date next year.

The Africa Heritage Academy UK is expected to be more than just an educational institution. The aim of the Founders and its Patrons is to help the UK Education Sector deal with a challenging reality of Teachers and Schools who may not be well equipped to deal with children of African, caribbean or international heritage effectively. Small things like freedom to embrace artistic and colourful hair styles, big personalities, hand expressions and loud verbal expressions and at times facial or tongue expressions which may be misinterpreted by normal schools.

The Academy institute is aimed at welcoming children from all backgrounds on a private fee basis, scholarships or local and national education funded fee structures. The Academy will be the most diverse of its kind on offer for UK young students. The new Institute is to work closely with local schools who may find it challenging to meet the needs of all students and as an alternative to supporting the families who may need extra-curricular educational opportunities to support and explore their children’s abilities further post 16+ to 19 and to offer other campuses for 19-25 young people who wish to stay in education and gain their degrees and work experience through the Academy Institute and partner programs.

The Academy is to appoint an African & Caribbean and Commonwealth Heritage Majority of Council, Governors and Lecturers/Professors with Minimum qualifications of no less than a Degrees, PhD or Masters from across the World’s top Universities alongside STEMA (Science, Technology, Engineering Maths and Arts) career orientated courses.

The aim of this proportion and majority will be to help meet students Heritage recognition and boost self-esteem and positive role models to look up to. The existing UK National Curriculum will also be enhanced to help students truly embrace their African, English, Scottish, Welsh, Asian European or multicultural heritage backgrounds, regardless of their ethnicity.

The Academy’s business will be virtually headed by the founder, His Excellency Emmanuel Akapo, His Excellency Luthando Ndayi (Head of Safeguarding) alongside the Academy’s Patron and African Heritage International Global Ambassador, His Excellency David Tabane who will also Chair the Community Impact Committees & Governors Virtually.

It is expected that young people will be expected to learn some of the most basic African Heritage etiquette to be accepted to the College like, respect for elders, respect for peers, family & community values, physical training and many more.