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Music Production Class – Simple Mixing Tips For A Wider Stereo Image

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Music Production Class

Topic: Simple Mixing Tips For A Wider Stereo Image

By Fliptyce
May 4, 2020


A good mix makes use of the whole stereo field and fills the listener’s ears from left to right Stereo imaging is what creates the sense of width and depth in Audio mixing, as well as clarity and balance. In this class, we will discus some stereo imaging techniques can use in our mix.


  1. Mention two techniques that can used to achieve wider and clearer vocals in a mix?

2. List 3 audio plugins that can be used for stereo imaging?

Free plugin mentioned in this class

izotop Vocal doubler Izotope ozone imager: https://www.izotope.com/en/products/f…

Pitch proof: https://aegeanmusic.com/downloads

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