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About us

Melodia Social
Music Club

MELODIA is a community-based music club that provides a leisure-time opportunity for music enthusiasts to come together and connect, share, experience, inspire, heal, and contribute to their community.


Connecting People, Promoting Happiness and Wellness

We offer our members a music-driven social platform to relax, unwind, de-stress, connect, heal, and collaborate to inspire positive change in their community.

Activities during the two-hour weekly club meeting include; group singing, playing of musical instruments, instrument lessons, voice training, performances, dance, music recording, songwriting, story-telling, jokes sharing, sharing of drinks and snacks, and community project planning by members.



This initiative comes at a particularly critical time, as the NHS faces enormous challenges with rising issues of mental well-being (anxiety, depression, stress, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, etc.) and a realization that many aspects of health are driven by social exclusion. The NHS and local authorities are always looking for cost-effective innovative ways of helping to make individuals and communities happier and healthier, and music has a role to play.


Melodia is inclusive and welcomes members of all skill levels. Unlike many other clubs that require musical talent or proficiency, we value interest and purpose, making our service a basic need for almost everyone in society.


Melodia serves a broad demographic, targeting ages 4 to 90, and offers three different membership categories to efficiently serve each community: Ages 4 – 12; Junior Club, Ages 13 – 24; Teens & Young Adults Club, and Ages 25 – 90; The Main Club.

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