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Introduction to music production (Beginner’s Class)

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Introduction to music production (Beginner’s Class)
By Fliptyce
March 30, 2020

This course provides the vital techniques in music production which will help you grow as a music producer and an independent artiste.
You will learn all about music production processes which includes:

The fundamentals of music production
How to use basic music production DAWS
How to record and edit your audio tracks
How to record and edit your MIDI tracks
Adding Effects and Mixing your songs
Mastering and Finalizing your songs

In the past, music production used to be very expensive. But these days, with the innovation of music technology, the tools needed for high quality music production are now available to the masses.
You can now make great songs from the comfort of your home. However, as easy as it seems, you still need the knowledge of the right techniques to achieve this. This is why this course is essential.


  1. What’s the unit of measuring volume?  

  1. What’s the difference between knobs and faders? 

  1. What does MIDI stand for?

  1. The bar on where instructions such as play, stop, record and pause sit on a DAW is called? 


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