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Faramo Challenge


How to Participate in the Challenge

  1. The Chorus to the song has been written and a recorded on a beat. You will simply write a verse to it. Space for only one verse is provided for now.
  • Download the audio below which has the chorus already recorded and you will fill in the empty space in-between with your written verse. The space to fill up with your verse is from 0:55s to 1.30m in the song’s timeline.
  • Record a video of yourself singing your verse and post it on your wall on Facebook or Instagram. Simply put #faramochallenge #thehopesong and #tenstringschallenge anywhere in your post’s write-up. On instagram, follow and tag @mr.akapo, @tenstringsnaija and @melodygabriel. That way we will see your submission and rate it.
  • Your score will be dropped under your post as a comment.
  • Entry closes by May 1, 2020
  • We will review all submissions and contact the winner by 3rd of May.
  • The winner gets a One Million Naira promotion deal.

Note: Songwriters who don’t sing can get a singer to sing their written verse. The price will go to you the writer and not the singer.

There are three options of the recorded song to download below –

  1. The beat of the song with chorus and adlibs recorded on it
  2. The beat only
  3. The video containing images, the beat and the choruses.

Download whichever you’re cool to work with. If you’re able to, using apps like Tiktok, it will be cool to combine this video and your own video of you singing your verse.  Whichever you choose, simple post a video showcasing your verse and remember to use the hashtags #faramochallenge #thehopesong and #tenstringschallenge.