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Get a Home Tutor

Why do you need a home tutor?

1. Introducing music into the family can help foster a stronger tie amongst members.

2. Ability to sing well or play a musical instrument will increase your confidence.

3. Your musical skills will be useful during family events & parties

4. It has been confirmed that musical activities will help boost children’s mental & cognitive abilities.

To request a home tutor for your family, please text or email the following details to us and we shall get back to you in less than 24hrs.

a. What you will like to learn

b. Number of people that will be taking the lessons

c. venue of lesson

d. number of days in a week you will require the tutors service

e. Preferred days of the week

f. Number of hours to be spent per lesson day

Details should be forwarded as an SMS to 08067024255 or 08027818442 or as an email to info@tenstrings.org